If you would like to find out more ABOUT the glitter tattoos and how they work, then check out our FAQ page.

‘About us’ pages can be frightfully dull. I don’t know about you, but I never read them! However, if you would like to know how all this came about and the spirit, ethos and drive behind Glamourati...then read on!


Glamourati is the result of belief and magic!


Belief in an idea, belief in a dream, belief in oneself, belief that there is no such thing as coincidence....and a belief to follow your heart.


I am fortunate that my family and the last 20 years of my life have grounded me in all things entrepreneurial. But despite my years in various businesses (both mine and other people’s), I failed to truly find the spark of joy and excitement that would inspire and enliven me.

In 2008, I gave up my career to start a family and now have 2 amazing little people who ensure I see the world through the eyes of a child and remember that life does not have to be serious and down-to-earth (all the time!!). They remind me that life is nothing without dreams and that nobody has the right (or the evidence) to tell you that there is no such thing as fairies, magic, unicorns or whatever it is you choose to believe in.

I missed being in business. My entrepreneurial spirit was being suffocated by the never-ending job that is being ‘mummy’. I also knew that the time had come that I needed to bring some money into the family. So - I dabbled...always with the best of intentions and the fullest of commitment whilst juggling family and home. I tried a number of things that would work around the few hours I was child free but nothing felt right.

In 2013 I started my own craft business. Passionate about getting children to be creative, I felt this was something I would enjoy and be really good at. It was during this time that I became an expert in glitter tattoos for children. My own children loved them and so did everyone else’s it seems! I still remember the look of awe and joy on my little girl’s face (and mine to be honest!) when we saw our very first glitter tattoo a few years before....a unicorn in pinks and purples. It was like magic. Fairy dust, sprinkled on her arm and transformed into a beautiful, mythical unicorn of her very own! This was not some cheap, dowdy transfer that rubbed off within minutes...this was the sparkliest, prettiest, most exciting and creative form of decoration I had ever seen. I was hooked!!

My inlaws came to visit from Ireland a short time after I started my craft business - they're very into horses. They were enthusiastic about my endeavours and baffled by glitter tattoos! I demonstrated and explained carefully how it worked. Although they have grandchildren over in Ireland, it seems glitter tattoos are not widely known of or available over there! I have no idea why I said it, or what on earth possessed me to....but out of my mouth popped, “I suppose you could even put them on horses”. It was like someone had put the thought and the words into my head at that very moment.

I was struck by the awesomeness of the idea and the potential and so my research began. I looked into everything I could find that may resemble the idea and found, to my stunned surprise, that nobody was doing anything exactly like this. There were of course various paints, gels & quarter markers, but nothing that looked as perfect, as sparkly and as classy as I knew glitter tattoos could look. At that point, I could see it all in my head and I was so excited!

So, forward to late 2014 and after months and months of research, development, testing, trialling and more hard work than I care to think about....here we are! Glamourati exists! We’re trademarked. Glitter tattoos for horses is a patent applied for product and in the 3 weeks since our first public show we are overwhelmed at the positive response, not only from riders here in the UK, but from those overseas as well as business both here and abroad.

It’s early days yet, but every single glitter tattoo I apply to a horse or pony makes me smile – I love that I am not acting like a boring grown up and telling someone that they can’t possibly want a sparkly fairy on their horse's bum! They look amazing - stunning in fact - and when the sun comes out, you can hear the gasp from the people around! I love the fact that you can do this yourself...it doesn’t take a trained professional or years of practice, this product allows anyone to create something truly magical which can add hope, dreams, joy and happiness.

And that is our aim – in whatever we do and however we get there. Remembering that our dreams, hopes and aspirations are what drive us.

It’s ok to dream.

It’s ok to believe.......we do....and we’re proud of it!!


Sally Rees

Founder & Magic Director